Automated Digital Imaging for OEMs

Simple integration


The uScope is a fast, friendly family of digital microscopes intended for professional research applications. Its design makes it uniquely suitable for integration with third-party OEM platforms to create robust purpose-built systems. Resulting products can scan slides or regions of interest and create images or image sets suitable for subsequent automated analysis.

Possible Applications

Unlimited possibilities

The uScope mechanism is self-contained and manufactured separately from its enclosure. It is easily integrated into your original products. Possible applications include:

  • RBC/WBC Analysis,
  • Urinalysis Systems,
  • Tissue Analysis,
  • Hydraulic Fluid Analysis,
  • Petrochemical Fluids Review,
  • Drug Testing,
  • and more.

Our application software can be tailored to your specifications or you can use our product API within your own application programs.


The uScopeMXII is available in the following configurations.

Part NumberObjective
uScopeMXII-2020X 0.40NA (160mm Conjugate)
uScopeMXII-4040X 0.65NA (160mm Conjugate)
uScopeMXII-6060X 0.85NA (160mm Conjugate)

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The uScopeHXII is available in the following configurations.

Part NumberObjective
uScopeHXII-2020X 0.65NA ∞
uScopeHXII-4040X 0.80NA ∞

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